Jeff Shelton


Jeff Shelton - VP Product, Gem

Bio Content

Jeff Shelton grew up on the sandy beaches of Maui where his family had been working in the sugar industry since the 40’s. An avid golfer and go to caddie for Michael Jordan and other celebrities in Maui, Jeff made a difficult move to Seattle, where he earned a dual degree in Creative Literature and Cinema Studies at the University of Washington. Jeff worked in every medium and genre, making music videos, producing documentaries, online content, and educational materials, as he wound his way from the Independent Feature Project in Seattle to Madonna’s Maverick Films, then Content House,, New York Times Baseline, and finally, Study mode. His body of creative, consumer, and enterprise focused work brought Jeff home to Gem. While not at work, Jeff is an active leader in the product community and currently sits on the board of directors for the Product Managers Association of Los Angeles.

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