Chris Patteson


Chris Patteson - Director IT - Transaction Risk, Countermeasures, and Intelligence FedEx Services

Chris Patteson has more than two decades experience in Supply Chain across multiple domains including Operations, Reverse Logistics, Security, and Supply Chain technology. Early in his career, he worked on strategic optimization projects with Fortune 500 companies: UPS, Bridgestone / Firestone, and Black & Decker. In these organizations, he applied Lean and Industrial Engineering principles to improve IT processes, operational intelligence, and effectiveness. During the inception of Internet revolution in the late 90’s, Chris shifted his efforts to apply these same principles to emerging challenges in the .com and technology space working on, and several ventures and angel funded entities.

Chris returned to FedEx in 2003 as a Reverse Logistics product manager and transitioned to a Strategic Operations Research role in 2005. With the emergence of new threats and risk in the first decade of the new century, Chris became heavily active in applying technology, analytics, and data science to the management of Security risk within FedEx. First working with FedEx Global Security and Internal Audit to modernize their governance, risk, and compliance platforms, and currently working with FedEx information security on architectures related to risk systems and risk data science.

He currently serves as Director – Transaction Risk: Countermeasures and Intelligence, using advanced data modeling techniques to create actionable intelligence for managing FedEx risk.

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