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5G Silver in 3D
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Rock Stars of 5G

About the Event

The mobile industry is pushing ahead to develop 5G—a next-generation, versatile mobile standard that will provide gigabit mobile data speeds and support exciting new use cases for enterprise and consumer applications. 5G is more than a mobile standard, however. It provides the framework for a system of systems that will deliver enhanced mobile broadband services; provide ultra-low and ultra-reliable latency for mission-critical applications; offer a variety of connectivity options and the capacity to drive massive deployments of IoT devices; and give customers the opportunity to eliminate or replace fixed-line broadband services. Despite its incredible promise, however, 5G is challenging to plan for because it will use a variety of technologies and configurations and there are mixed messages about when networks and services will be available. Standardization is not expected until 2020 but pre-standard trials are already getting underway. At this conference, executives from the wireless industry will drill down into 5G capabilities and practicalities so enterprises can begin developing strategies to use the technology when it is available.

Why Attend?

Here’s your chance to hear directly from industry-leading executives whose companies are helping pioneer 5G. The issues and themes covered during this day-long event will include

  • Overview of 5G and what it will mean for business
  • Potential 5G killer use cases for the enterprise
  • Enterprise business models for using 5G network infrastructure and services
  • 5G impacts on privacy and security
  • 5G and IoT: Support for massive deployments of devices
  • How 5G services might integrate with LTE, narrowband mobile network options and even Wi-Fi

This is also a great networking opportunity. Attendees will have many chances throughout the day to

  • Engage in Q&As to get answers to specific questions
  • Interact with speakers and colleagues