Rock Stars of Blockchain & Cybersecurity

April 5, 2017

Le Méridien - Bangalore, India


Rock Stars of Blockchain and Cybersecurity

About the Event

The only way to protect your organization and your data in 2017 is with a strong Cybersecurity solution.  At Rock Stars of Blockchain Cybersecurity - India, we’ve brought together International leaders in this critical area to talk about the trends, cybersecurity programs, and advice on how you can develop real-world security solutions that work for your organization – and that don’t disrupt your operations.

One of the many new technologies that will be discussed is Blockchain which has unlimited potential to help organizations improve privacy and security, reduce costs and unleash new opportunities for innovation.

This day-long conference will explore how leading US companies are using or consider blockchain and other cybersecurity technologies for financial services, government, Internet of Things, automotive, digital media and smart city applications.  Executive presentations will highlight lessons learned from early implementations, promising use cases, key considerations for adoption and deployment, and how to get started pursuing blockchain solutions.

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Why Attend?

Here’s your chance to hear directly from industry-leading executives whose companies are investing in Blockchain initiatives and other Cybersecurity technologies.

You will learn:

  • You can't build a security program to reflect your risk strategy if you don't have one.
  • If your budget is keeping up with your security threat.
  • What are the real threats in your business sector?
  • How much information is safe to share?
  • Lessons learned and strategies for successful Blockchain implementations
  • Why government agencies are investigating blockchain for identity management and privacy applications
  • How blockchain can improve device management and data analytics for the Internet of Things
  • Automotive industry uses cases, such as asset tracking and smart contracts
  • Blockchain’s potential to improve digital rights management

Network with the executive speakers and peers

Learn the best thinking strategies from major USA based companies and corporations

  • Engage in Q&As to get answers to specific questions
  • Interact with speakers and colleagues
  • A chance for interaction over lunch breaks

Who Should Attend the Rock Stars of Blockchain Cybersecurity?

AVP IT • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) • Chief Information Officer (CIO) • Chief Risk Officer • Chief Scientist • Chief Technologist • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) • Consultant • Cyber Security Strategist • Director, IT Operations • Director of Threat Intelligence • Director, Information Security • Director, Information Technology • Director, Security Assurance • Enterprise Risk Services Consultant • Information Security Analyst • Information Security Officer • Information Systems Security Manager • IT Director • IT Operations Manager • IT Project Manager • IT Security Manager • Network Admin II • Network Security Analyst • Network Solutions Supervisor • Security Architect • Security Manager • Security Operations Manager • Security Specialist • Senior Director, Information Security Risk Management • Senior Security Analyst • Senior Solutions Engineer • Software Developer • Software Manager • System Support Technician Assistant • Systems Analyst • Systems Engineer • Systems Solutions Architect • SVP, IT • Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer • Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer • Vice President, Engineering • VP and Chief Technology Officer



Richard T. Rushing

Richard Rushing - Speaking at IEEE Computer Society Rock Star Event - Blockchain Cybersecurity

Richard T. Rushing Abstract and Bio

Richard T. Rushing: Time to Reboot Security


Richard Rushing, CISO at Motorola Mobility, will describe current security threats and how companies aren’t responding adequately. Cybercrime is on the rise. We have to do something. We’re trying, but the criminals have a huge head start. We came from a policy approach, but that’s passé. Now we’re firefighters. We run into burning buildings and save people. It’s time to reboot and think differently, or the bad guys are going to win. Rushing points out that vulnerabilities didn’t just appear five years ago; it’s just that today they’re being exploited more often and in more sophisticated ways.



Richard Rushing is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Motorola Mobility Inc. He has been implementing security solutions for the last twenty years at Equifax, Siemens Industrial Automation, GE Capital Information Technology Services, Secure IT, VeriSign, Network Solutions, and Air Defense.

As Chief Information Security Officer for Motorola he has lead the security effort for Motorola Mobility, developing an international team to tackle the emerging threats of mobile devices, advance persist threats (APT), Targeted attacks, and Cyber-Crime.

Drew Hintz Abstract and Bio

Drew Hintz: Protecting Against Password Phishing Attacks


Password phishing is a major threat that has been the initial attack vector for some of the largest public security breaches. Drew Hintz discusses risk-based approaches to securing credentials that minimize hurdles for users while still deterring attackers. It will address enterprise tools to protect passwords, a variety of second factors, risk-based authentication, and what to do after your users have been phished. It will even take on the daunting task of helping your users understand where they shouldn't type their password.



Drew is an information security engineer who protects Google and its users from targeted attacks. He builds systems, such as phishing detection and End-To-End encryption, to protect users and their data. He's discovered dozens of 0-day vulnerabilities being exploited in the wild, including some affecting Microsoft Office and most major web-mail providers.

Drew Hintz

Drew Hintz - Speaking at IEEE Computer Society Rock Star Event - Blockchain Cybersecurity

Janice Tse

Janice Tse - Speaking at IEEE Computer Society Rock Star Event - Blockchain Cybersecurity

Janice Tse Abstract and Bio

Janice Tse: How Top Data Science Teams Are Driving Risk-based Security


Overall, data science has changed the way companies handle risk in almost every way. But what companies do with the valuable data gained is what makes the difference. With increasing demand for efficiency and accuracy comes a growing demand for stellar data scientists. At PayPal, analytics-driven data science is a top priority, but they aren’t just looking for data experts – they're looking for true problem solvers ready to use detective-like skills to solve the most complex problems. In this session, Hui discusses how PayPal’s data science teams have built their own in-house EFM systems and given PayPal one of the lowest loss rates in the industry at 32%.



Janice Tse is a Director of Data Science at PayPal. She is a seasoned leader in the data science space with expertise in fraud detection of the e-commerce and payment industries. Her passion is turning data into actionable insights to solve problems at scale by leveraging advanced technologies and machine learning. She holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California and M.S. degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.

G. PADMANABHAN Abstract and Bio

G. Padmanabhan: Cyber safe financial sector- A reality check and the way forward



Prior to becoming Chairman of the Bank of India, G. PADMANABHAN served as the Executive Director, the Head of Payment Systems and the Head of the Information Technology Department at the Reserve Bank of India. He also worked in the Foreign Exchange Department and Internal Debt Management Department. His tenure at the Reserve Bank of India spans a period from 1994 – present day 2017. He has extensive experience and expertise in bank regulation and supervision of foreign exchange/securities markets in India, information technology and payment systems

G Padmanabhan

Sanjay Jain

Sanjay Jain Abstract and Bio

Sanjay Jain: India Stack and Block Chain



Sanjay Jain is a key contributor with iSPIRT, the software product industry think tank and is an active member of the Open API, and the cashless India teams.  To achieve these objectives, he has been working with the NPCI to define the next generation payment systems (the Unified Payment Interface), as well as with regulators and other bodies to help entire processes go paperless.  He has been one of the key contributors to help create, and evangelize various government open apis, which are collectively referred to as the India Stack.

Scott Manuel Abstract and Bio

Scott Manuel: The truth about Blockchain:  It’s potential, limitations and applications


For almost 3 years a group of product managers and engineers within Thomson Reuters have been exploring blockchain opportunities and its suitability for use with our customers in the financial, risk, legal, tax, and accounting industries.  We have laughed, cried, built real software, and helped shape the community along the way.  This talk will elaborate on those learnings, highlight some of the traps, explore emerging use cases, and highlight the implications from a cybersecurity perspective.



Scott Manuel is Vice President, Head of Strategic Product Management for the Applied Innovation organization within Thomson Reuters. He and his team dream up new product and technology ideas, partner with customers and business units to build prototypes, and if successful turn them into revenue generating products. He also works closely with start-ups and other established technology leaders to bring innovative ideas to life. Scott looks for opportunities to push boundaries and disrupt the status quo.

Prior to Thomson Reuters, Scott worked as an equity portfolio manager at Franklin Street Partners, a commodities trader at Duke Energy, and a competitive intelligence leader at Enron Corporation.

Scott Manuel

Scott Manuel - Speaking at IEEE Computer Society Rock Star Event - Blockchain Cybersecurity


Le Meridien Hotel

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Inauguration Ceremony -

Mr. Priyank Kharge


Karnataka Information Technology and Biotechnology



Richard Rushing

Chief Information Security Officer

Motorola Mobility (USA)



Drew Hintz

Vulnerability Analyst

Google (USA)



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Janice Tse

Director of Data Science

Paypal (USA)



G Padmanabhan


Bank of India



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Panel Discussion

Moderator: Chris Ruoff




Break / Exhibits / Networking





Sanjay Jain

Strategic Member

 iSPIRT Think Tank



Scott Manuel

Vice President, Applied Innovation

Thompson Reuters (USA)


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