2017 Rock Stars of Adaptive Cybersecurity

Waltham, MA
(North Boston area)
June 6, 2017

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H1 About the Event

Rock Stars of Adaptive Cybersecurity

About the Event

Top execs share details about today’s most important cybersecurity trends -- adaptive cybersecurity. Can you predict an attack before it happens? What about a high volume or DevOps environment?  Hear how in today’s fast moving environments with multiple parameters, new adaptive cybersecurity methods are the most effective way to protect your organization. Six CISOs share information on the cybersecurity platforms that share and correlate information.


June 6, 2017

North Boston Area

Waltham, MA 

Why Attend?



Get answers and actionable insights to these critical questions about Adaptive Cybersecurity:

  • What finer-grained controls, automation, human intervention, on-demand security services are needed to create an effective Adaptive Cybersecurity System?
  • Can you add security to custom applications after they go operational?
  • Can you build in real-time adaptive security at the design phase?
  • Is shifting authorization management and policy to an on-demand service that contains details and policy enforcement placing too much trust outside the company?


Key takeaways:

After participating in this event, you will:

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities of Adaptive Cybersecurity 
  • Have critical strategies you can apply to your specific business
  • Network with top cybersecurity executives





Caleb Barlow

Caleb Barlow - Speaking at IEEE Computer Society Rock Star Event - Adaptive Cybersecurity
Caleb Barlow V.P. Threat Intelligence IBM    X-Force

Caleb Barlow Abstract and Bio

Caleb Barlow: Adaptive cyber security approaches post-breach - how to respond and maintain resiliency in crisis.


Your response to a cyber breach is about being prepared - how you communicate with your customers, law enforcement, regulators and your board can either demonstrate leadership in crisis or cause more damage than the breach itself. Click here to Read More


Caleb Barlow is an accomplished security professional and Vice President at IBM Security. He was the visionary behind X-Force Command - the worlds most sophisticated cyber simulation environment. Most recently, Caleb has been leading the construction of IBM's new security headquarters in Cambridge MA as well as the complete overhaul of IBM's largest operational watch floor in Atlanta GA. Caleb has a broad background having led technical teams in product development, product management, strategy, marketing and cloud service delivery. Click here to Read More

Gary Hayslip Abstract and Bio

Gary Hayslip: Cyber, an evolving ecosystem: How cyber is laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s Smart Cities.


In today’s big cities, a revolution in technology is underway. Larger municipalities across the globe are taking the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 37150/51 Smart Community frameworks to heart and are looking to a future in which they must provide public services to populations three to five times larger than today. Click here to Read More


As Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the City of San Diego, Gary advises the City of San Diego’s executive leadership consisting of Mayoral, City Council, and 40+ city departments and agencies on protecting city government information resources. Gary oversees citywide cyber security strategy and the enterprise cyber security program, cyber operations, compliance and risk assessment services. His mission includes creating a “risk aware” culture that places a high value on securing city information resources and protecting personal information entrusted to the City of San Diego. Click here to Read More

Gary Hayslip

Gary Hayslip - Speaking at IEEE Computer Society Rock Star Event - Adaptive Cybersecurity
Gary Hayslip           City of San Diego, Deputy Director, Chief Information Security Officer

Jim Routh

Jim Routh - Speaking at IEEE Computer Society Rock Star Event - Adaptive Cybersecurity
Jim Routh CSO, Aetna

Jim Routh Abstract and Bio

Jim Routh: Model Driven Security.


Security controls are evolving quickly as a result of the changing threat landscape and many of the tools used by security professionals today produce large amounts of log files and data that needs analysis. Investing in data science skills for security professionals makes a lot of sense Click here to Read More


Jim Routh is the Chief Security Officer and leads the Global Security function for Aetna. He is the Chairman of the NH-ISAC Board. He is a former Board member of the FS-ISAC. He was formerly the Global Head of Application & Mobile Security for JP Morgan Chase. Prior to that he was the CISO for KPMG, DTCC, and American Express and has over 30 years of experience in information technology and information security as a practitioner, management consultant, and leader of technology, analytic and information security functions for global firms.   Click here to Read More

Shon Lyublanovits Abstract and Bio

Shon Lyublanovits: Cybersecurity in Government Acquisitions.


Infusing cybersecurity into the Government Acquisition process? Defining new ways of thinking when it comes to Cybersecurity in Government acquisition.


Shon Lyublanovits, Fed100 award recipient, is the IT Security Subcategory Manager and Director of the Office of Security Services for the Office of Information Technology Category (ITC) in GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). The Federal Acquisition Service provides buying platforms and acquisition services to Federal, State and Local governments for a broad range of items from office supplies to motor vehicles to information technology and telecommunications products and services. As an organization within FAS, ITC provides access to a wide range of commercial and custom IT products, services and solutions.  With over 20 years of expertise in the security and information assurance fields, she successfully created a “security center of excellence”. The center addresses the challenges of infusing cybersecurity into contract acquisitions, developing a program to handle Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS), Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) and ensuring that FAS IT products and services align with federal security standards and mandates.  In addition, she oversaw the software and security Hallway launch on the Acquisition Gateway, a new approach integrating category management.   Click here to Read More

Shon Lyublanovits

Shon Lyublanovits - Speaking at IEEE Computer Society Rock Star Event - Adaptive Cybersecurity
Shon Lyublanovits U.S. General Services Administration IT Security Subcategory Manager, Office of Information Technology Category, U.S. General Services Administration

Edna Conway

Edna Conway - Speaking at IEEE Computer Society Rock Star Event - Adaptive Cybersecurity
Edna Conway CSO, Global Value Chain, Cisco

Edna Conway Abstract and Bio

Edna Conway: It’s Not Adaptive Until You Harness Your Third Party Ecosystem


We live, work, play and learn in what can be called the “Digital Vortex”—A vortex in which virtually everything is connected and has independent computer functionality. In this digital vortex, we are pulled to the center of a world exponentially expanding the scope of our reach and, perhaps, others’ ability to reach us. A comprehensive approach to security in such a world demands more than an adaptive security architecture. Click here to Read More


Former Assistant Attorney General for the State of New Hampshire, Edna Conway serves as Cisco’s Chief Security Officer for its Global Value Chain. Before joining Cisco’s Security and Trust Office, Conway held multiple operations, engineering and legal leadership positions at Cisco including Chief Security Officer for Cisco’s outsourced product supply chain, she led the development of the Advanced Compliance and Sustainability capability as the Chief Product Compliance Officer, and drove Cisco’s award winning Green Supply Chain initiative. She has received many industry awards including 2017 Federal 100 Award Winner, 2016 Stevie Gold Awards as Female Executive of the Year Business Products and Maverick of the Year. In 2016 she received two Golden Bridge Awards:  Click here to Read More